Christian Nodal Reveals Plans for Facial Arrangements

Christian Nodal, the Mexican singer, is set to become a father soon with his Argentine girlfriend, Cazzu. The singer has revealed that he plans to make some changes to his personal appearance by removing all the tattoos on his face so that his upcoming child can know him with a clean face. Although the couple has not yet revealed the exact date of the baby’s arrival, speculations indicate that the baby is due to arrive in the fall of 2023.

The harsh criticism that Nodal received after his breakup with Belinda in 2022, who filled his face and body with tattoos to “close cycles,” made him reconsider his perspective on life. And with the arrival of his first child, the singer wants his baby to know him just the way he is famous.

In an interview, Nodal expressed his desire to give the best to his offspring with Cazzu, including changing his lifestyle and personal appearance. “I would like my daughter to know me with a clean face, without tattoos,” said the singer.

Although Nodal did not give many details about his plans for the arrival of his first baby, he accidentally revealed the sex of the child while talking. He mentioned that the couple is waiting for a girl.

So far, it is unknown whether the birth of the baby will take place in Mexico or Argentina. However, fans are eagerly waiting for the arrival of Baby Cazzu, and Nodal’s fans are thrilled to see the singer embracing fatherhood with open arms.

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