Chris Pine expresses a desire to collaborate with Eiza González in upcoming projects

Chris Pine Talks ‘Dungeons and Dragons’ Premiere and Working with Mexicans

The highly anticipated film ‘Dungeons and Dragons‘ has finally premiered, and lead actor Chris Pine was present at the red carpet event held in Mexico to talk about the movie and more. Known for his role in “Don’t Worry, Honey”, Pine impressed reporters with his Spanish speaking skills and expressed his love for Mexican culture.

It’s great, look, it’s a great production, it has a giant plastic dragon. You guys are loud, fun, happy, and have tons of smiles and it’s a joy to be here. I love to practice my Spanish when I visit Mexico and in Los Angeles as well, Pine commented.

During the press conference, Pine revealed that he would like to work with Mexicans in the future and expressed his interest in collaborating with Eiza González, even going as far as saying he would call his agent to make it happen.

Of course, of course, I’m coming, I’ll call my agent. Beautiful Mexican women are beautiful, Pine expressed, with a smile.

Pine also shared his experience working on the film, emphasizing the importance of creating a unique and genuine story that will resonate with audiences.

It is the fourth or fifth time that I am a producer, but it is the first time that I am a producer of a film of this type, I feel that it is very important that your story be very moving and do something special, one of a kind, with a lot of love. genuine, concluded Chris Pine.

Eiza González’s Successful Career in Film

Mexican actress Eiza González has had a prosperous career in the film industry, having starred in numerous successful films. In 2017, she appeared in the critically acclaimed “Baby Driver”, followed by “Paradise Hills” with Emma Roberts in 2018.

González joined the Fast and Furious franchise in 2019 with the movie “Fast & Furious: Hobbs and Shaw”, and also lent her voice to the animated film “Alita: Combat Angel.” In 2020, she starred alongside Vin Diesel in “Bloodshot”, and in 2021, she appeared in the highly anticipated “King vs Kong.”

It seems that González’s success will only continue, as she is set to star in “King Fury 2” alongside actors like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Michael Fassbender.

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