Car Makers Urge Clarity on Combustion Engine Shutdown

Combustion engine off: car companies call for clarity  hot cars

The Free Democratic Party (FDP) and the Association of the Auto Industry are fighting to register cars with combustion engines in the EU after 2034, provided fuelled with e-fuels. There is currently a hard fight for this, but the industry has already made some progress. Companies such as Volvo, Ford and Vattenfall have criticized the German government for blocking the planned end for new cars with combustion engines from 2035.

According to a letter to EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, companies in the EU need clarity and ambitious legislation. The letter warns that reversing the political agreement reached last year would send a very negative signal. The federal government had blocked the established compromise, forcing more than 40 signatories, including large companies such as the Danish shipping company Maersk, the retailer Tesco, and Unilever, to warn of a “dangerous precedent” in EU politics that could undermine business confidence in political decision-making processes.

Negotiators in the European Parliament and the EU states had already agreed in autumn 2022 that only locally emission-free new cars would be allowed to be registered in the EU from 2035. But a confirmation by the EU states was canceled due to additional demands from Germany. If there is no ban on the sale of new petrol and diesel vehicles from 2035, this would have negative consequences for the environment and air quality, and the EU will miss its goal of being climate-neutral by 2050.

It’s worth noting that the FDP and the Association of the Auto Industry are looking to register cars with combustion engines as long as they are fueled with e-fuels after 2034. While the letter aims to warn against reversing the already set agreement, the debate seems to be leaning towards the complete ban of combustion engines. The outcome of the fight remains to be seen.

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