Brave Browser Empowers Independent Advertising Campaigns for Hot Online Success

Brave browser: run advertising campaigns independently |  hot online

The web browser Brave promises advertising that protects the privacy of users. To attract more advertisers, the team behind the browser has launched a new measure called the Self-Serve Ads Program. This program makes it possible to display ads and campaigns in Brave without having to communicate directly with the browser’s distributor. However, a human check of the content should continue to take place.

Initially, the self-serve offer is only available for English advertising campaigns in participating countries. Germany is one of them. For classification, the USA is currently in first place in terms of the number of advertising campaigns run in Brave with 62, Germany is sixth with 31 advertising campaigns. Brave hopes to increase these comparatively low numbers with the new offer to advertisers. Other languages ​​are to follow.

Brave relies on an opt-in advertising system, contrary to industry trends. Only those who choose to do so will see ads. The highlight is that the users share in the income from the advertising campaigns displayed to them. However, they do not receive the money themselves, but can forward it to website operators in Brave’s own cryptocurrency Basic Attention Token (BAT). Brave promises that users’ data will remain local in the browser.

Different places where the browser displays advertising include new tabs as a background image, in Brave’s own search engine, in Brave News, or as a native push message on the desktop. The new Self-Serve program is currently only available for the latter format, but the other ways should follow. To participate in the new self-service program, Brave requires a minimum campaign volume of $1,000. The amount can be paid in advance either in real currency or in BAT, then with a 50 percent discount.

Brave approaches online advertising differently compared to major browsers, which are also currently looking for a successor to third-party cookies. With Brave, users have the choice to opt-in to ads, and they can share in the advertising revenue. Brave hopes to increase its number of advertising campaigns with the new Self-Serve Ads Program. It’s important to note that all data will remain local within the browser. Only time will tell if Brave’s approach pays off and encourages more advertisers to come on board.

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