Between Cap d’Agde and Paris: The Fast-Paced Life of Jacques Monclar

Jacques Monclar, a former French basketball player and consultant on beIN Sports, leads a quiet life in the station, where he is familiar with every aspect, as his family’s stronghold is located in Montagnac. He spends three weeks in Paris to follow the NBA news and one in Agde. The former international basketball player has found his balance in this life.

Jacques Monclar is a consultant for beIN Sports since 2012. At 66, he was one of the best French players of his generation and a successful coach. His daily life in Paris is always busy with the NBA Extra show from 12:45 to 13:30 during the week, commentating on American championship matches, and occasional trips to the US.

He is grateful for the trust that beIN Sports has placed on him. After working for various other channels and platforms, he left RMC in 2016 to focus exclusively on beIN Sports.

He spends most of his time in Boulogne, close to the studios, and feels happy with how the show has been running since the inception of beIN Sports in France.

He spends three weeks in Paris and only one in Agde, where he owns a villa. He values his time in Agde, shared culture and close-knit community. Contrary to popular belief, he associates himself more with Agde than Antibes, where he has a significant history.

Jacques Monclar holds close memories of his father, Robert, who was an influential figure in the basketball scene. He often thinks about his father’s impactful career and reflects on how closely he is attached to the Cap d’Agde from his early years.

He cherishes the memories of his father and his close friend Thierry Vidal who shares his memories of growing up in Montagnac and Agde. They used to play together and now relive those moments in Agde while reminiscing over a cup of coffee or a glass of rosé.

Jacques Monclar has more than 200 selections in the French national team and has had a successful basketball career as well as a family life with three boys, two of them actively involved in basketball. His career has involved coaching and playing for well-known French and international teams.

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