Berlin’s Transport Policy: Finding the Balance Between Defense and Horror

Berlin transport policy between defense and horror

Berlin transport policy has been a topic of heated debate in recent years, but the recent change in leadership of the CDU means a shift in approach. Transport Senator Manja Schreiner has announced a temporary suspension and review of all cycling projects, sparking outrage from various groups. Critics argue that this decision is a step backwards for sustainable transport and accuse the senator of prioritizing motorized private transport. The district of Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg is even checking whether this order is legally binding. Communication from the transport administration has also been criticized, with calls for more dialogue and consultation with the districts. The Greens are demanding that the stop on cycle path expansion be lifted immediately, as federal funding for these projects is at risk. Berlin’s new head of government, Kai Wegner, defended the decision, stating that it is not a complete stop but rather a check and prioritization of projects. He emphasized the need for a more realistic and pragmatic approach to transport policy, with a focus on building more cycle paths that make sense and prioritize safety. The divide between the Greens and the CDU on transport policy reflects the wider division among the electorate in Berlin.

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