Ben O’Keeffe After Rugby World Cup Scandals: Referee Enjoys Leisure Time in Paris with a Gorgeous Brunette

David Contreras

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Despite the numerous controversies he has faced, Ben O’Keeffe enjoyed his stay in France. A few days after the end of the Rugby World Cup, the referee stayed in Paris to enjoy a few days of rest with a charming young woman.

Ben O’Keeffe: After the scandals of the Rugby World Cup, the referee is having a good time in Paris with a beautiful brunette.

Apparently, the controversies triggered by his refereeing did not prevent Ben O’Keeffe from sleeping, far from it. However, on October 15th, after his match in the quarter-finals of the Rugby World Cup between France and South Africa, the New Zealander was subject to numerous criticisms from French supporters who reproached him for several highly controversial decisions. Journalist Matthieu Lartot even broke his silence after the defeat of the French, pointing out the 34-year-old referee as one of the culprits for the premature elimination of the French team.

The same thing happened in the semi-finals for Ben O’Keeffe, who was selected by World Rugby to referee the match between South Africa, once again, and England. A match that turned on a decision by the New Zealander in the final minutes of the game, which made the English furious. A rugby authority even questioned the young referee after the match. Several major controversies that did not prevent his federation from supporting him and apparently, he himself does not seem too traumatized by everything that has been said about him. On his Instagram account, the tall brunette has been particularly active since the start of the World Cup and after the end of the competition, he decided to stay in Paris for a few extra days.

Ben O’Keeffe reunites with a compatriot.

As he showed on Wednesday, November 1st, Ben O’Keeffe is still in Paris and took the opportunity to spend the evening in charming company. The referee published a photo of himself alongside Wilhelmina Shrimpton, a New Zealand journalist who is currently in Paris. The duo apparently enjoyed a tour on a riverboat and you can even see the Eiffel Tower in the distance.

A great way for Ben O’Keeffe to decompress after two months of competition and numerous controversies surrounding his refereeing. A few days ago, a famous French artist once again pointed his finger at his refereeing during the match of the French team. Fortunately for Ben O’Keeffe, the World Cup is now over.

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