Babylon 5 Celebrates 30th Birthday with Blu-ray Release

Babylon 5: Finally on Blu-ray for the 30th birthday

The cult sci-fi series Babylon 5 will be released on Blu-ray for the first time, more than 25 years after the final episode aired. Warner Bros., the rights holder, made the announcement, and series creator J. Michael Straczynski provided further details on Twitter. He revealed that the Blu-ray release would feature the remastered version that was made for streaming platform HBO Max, but with a higher bitrate that would enhance the viewing experience. The complete five seasons of the original series, including the pilot, will be included in the Blu-ray box set. This amounts to 4730 minutes or over three complete days of content.

Fans of Babylon 5 have long awaited a Blu-ray release, and with this announcement, their wishes will finally be fulfilled. Straczynski assured fans that the series will not only look better than ever but also be available for ownership on physical media, free from the reliance on streaming services. The series creator himself was not involved in the implementation of the remaster and has limited information beyond the announcement. He does not know what plans Warner Bros. has for releasing the box set in the rest of the world. For now, the release has only been confirmed for Canada and the USA, with price tags of $100 and $120 Canadian dollars, respectively.

Babylon 5 aired between 1993 and 1998 and quickly became one of the most important and popular science fiction series. It distinguished itself from other series like Star Trek by having a continuous narrative and episodes that built upon each other. In addition to the TV series, several TV movies and the spin-off series “Crusade” were produced within the same fictional universe. However, after that, the series went quiet, largely due to resistance from Warner Bros., the production company, to further projects.

Currently, Straczynski is working on a new edition of Babylon 5 for the US television station The CW. However, due to strikes in Hollywood, the project is experiencing delays. The announcement of the Blu-ray release comes just weeks before the release of new content from the Babylon 5 universe in years. “Babylon 5: The Road Home,” an animated film described by Straczynski as a love letter to fans, will be released on August 15. The film will only be available for digital viewing on various video platforms and follows the story of John Sheridan, who embarks on a journey through the galaxy, time, and alternative realities after his time as captain of the Babylon 5 space station and as President of the Interstellar Alliance.

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