Avengers Jerseys for Team USA at the Paris Olympics • Basketball USA

The American Avengers team will wear jerseys at the 2024 Olympics, created by Marvel in partnership with Nike. Ever since LeBron James announced his intention to compete in the Paris Olympics alongside stars like Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant, and others, this supercharged American team has been compared to the Avengers, the superhero group from the Marvel universe. Marvel Entertainment has heard these comparisons and decided to make it a reality. Following a collaboration with American Olympic skiers and snowboarders in 2018, Marvel proposed a partnership with Nike to make the U.S. team the “Avengers” of the Paris Olympics.

The result is a jersey inspired by Captain America’s costume, emphasizing that the team members are “superheroes in their own way.” For Marvel, this jersey represents the fusion of two powerful American symbols – the basketball team, which has won four Olympic titles, and the superheroes who have left a mark on generations worldwide. Grant Hill, a fan of Namor, notes that with great power comes great responsibility, and he believes this jersey can only be accompanied by a gold medal. He is confident that it will give the players extra energy to secure victories by 40 or 50 points all the way to the championship, as Kevin Durant hopes – without turning Joel Embiid into the “Invisible Man.”

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