Author Lobby Raises Concerns about Societal and Cultural Destruction

ChatGPT & Co.: Author lobby warns of major damage to society and culture

An alliance of authors and artists from 43 European associations is warning about recent developments in the field of artificial intelligence (AI), stating that “fundamentals are threatened!” The signatories include associations such as DJV and PEN, Freelens photographers’ association, German Theater Association, DGB, and Verdi, along with companies from various industries. They claim that AI-generated products like ChatGPT, Stable Diffusion, or DALL-E that generate texts, images, music, and videos can lead to disinformation and manipulation. They are concerned that “some in politics” see no need for action.

The EU Parliament is planning to set stricter rules for “General Purpose AI” with the planned AI regulation. Still, the alliances believe they are insufficient and should adequately protect the digital ecosystem and society. The call is to regulate generative AI along its entire chain of origin. Protected works are used to train AI often without permission and without compensation, leading to illegitimate uses, and the EU legislator should make it clear that exceptions for text and data mining are not linked to permission to “replace sources without any remuneration.”

According to the alliance, the models used will only be allowed to be brought to European markets if the training material is transparent and has sufficient resilience “in terms of correctness, accuracy, objectivity, and variety.” The provider of models such as Google or Meta should be prohibited from operating central platform services for the distribution of digital content within the meaning of the Digital Markets Act (DMA). In addition, part of the ongoing operation of an AI system must take place via a computing infrastructure stationed in Europe.

The signatories warn that generative AI can cause damage to European society, the economy, and culture. They urge regulators to take strict actions to protect society and adequately regulate AI technology.

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