Associations caution against hydrogen-capable gas heaters as a bogus solution

Associations warn against the installation of hydrogen-capable gas heaters - "bogus solution"

An alliance of trade unions, trade associations and environmentalists has released an open letter criticizing the proposed installation of hydrogen-capable gas heaters in Germany. The sixteen signatories describe the solution as a bogus and demand that the passage be removed from the proposed reform of the Building Energy Act. According to the signatories, the conversion of networks, house connections and heating systems from natural gas to hydrogen is neither technically nor economically feasible.

In addition, the alliance warns that hydrogen will remain both scarce and expensive, thereby making investment in hydrogen-capable gas heating systems a cost trap for consumers. The signatories, which include the German Federation for the Environment and Nature Conservation (BUND) and the Federal Heat Pump Association, argue that there is no time to rely on sham solutions and use them to justify the fact that natural gas will continue to be used for heating for many years.

The association also calls for investment in a reliable and effective control system for the heat transition, stressing that manufacturers of heat pumps are already investing billions in advance.

The FDP had previously campaigned for H2-Ready gas heating systems to be included in the Building Energy Act. Existing heating systems can continue to be used, and fossil fuels may only be used in these systems until December 31, 2044.

The alliance epitomizes the struggle between those looking for credible, clean and mature energy transitions and those holding on to dated or ineffective solutions. These contradictions have been a key sticking point in the global move towards decarbonization, a process that requires trade-offs, informed policy decisions, and, crucially, international coordination.

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