Arnold Schwarzenegger applauds Sylvester Stallone for groundbreaking theory on Rocky’s sex

Arnold Schwarzenegger Congratulates Sylvester Stallone for his ‘Rocky’ Script

Arnold Schwarzenegger applauds Sylvester Stallone for groundbreaking theory on Rocky’s sex and Sylvester Stallone’s rivalry in the past is no secret, but now the two are great friends. With compliments flowing from time to time, Schwarzenegger went a step further recently, congratulating Stallone for his script for ‘Rocky’.

“Women Weaken the Legs”

Schwarzenegger highlighted a scientific study in his newsletter, The Pump Daily, in which it was concluded that having sex weakens the legs. Stallone had already raised this in ‘Rocky’, where Burgess Mederith’s character scared two Balboa fans and then told the protagonist that “women weaken the legs” in reference to having intimate relations before a big fight.

The Study and Results

The study explored the exercise routines of three profiled groups – individuals who exercise daily, individuals who exercise without having had sex, and individuals who exercise after having sex the night before. The results showed that those in the third group lifted 2.26 kilograms less weight in those exercises that required the use of the lower trunk.

The Conclusion

Although studies like these have been carried out before, concluding that sex has no effect, Schwarzenegger believes Stallone was right. He even delivered a message: “Someone tell Sly that his script was ahead of science. It turns out that Mickey’s tip to Rocky was technically correct.”

The two Hollywood legends will be appearing in their upcoming projects – ‘The Expendables 4’ featuring Stallone and ‘Fubar’, a series for Netflix defined by Schwarzenegger as the new ‘Risk Lies’. It still hurts that the sequel to the latter was not completed, as promised by James Cameron.

In conclusion, it is remarkable to witness the mature friendship between two iconic celebrities who have been on-screen rivals for decades.

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