Apple’s Tap to Pay arrives in Europe, marking its debut in the region

Apple's "Tap to Pay" is coming to Europe for the first time

The iPhone’s NFC radio module can now accept card payments, a feature that has been activated by Apple in select markets. Currently, this feature is only available in certain states in the United States, using Apple-approved payment service providers. However, Apple has recently announced that the service will be introduced to Europe for the first time, starting with Great Britain as a test market. Various payment platforms, including Revolut and Tyl from NatWest bank, will be integrated into the service, with more providers to be added in the coming months. Apple is also transitioning from special payment terminals to Tap to Pay in its British stores. The company plans to roll out the service in the coming weeks. Apple’s vice president of Apple Pay and Apple Wallet, Jennifer Bailey, has stated that Tap to Pay has already transformed the checkout experience and is particularly convenient because it does not require additional hardware. The service is primarily targeted at small and medium-sized businesses, making it easier for them to accept contactless payments and grow their business. Apple has been cautious in its rollout of Tap to Pay, initially launching it in the USA in spring 2022 and extending it to other payment service providers in March 2023. It is unclear when the technology will be introduced to other EU markets. Unlike previous iPhone payment services that required external hardware, Tap to Pay can be used simply with an iPhone from the XS series or later models. These iPhones have had NFC reading capabilities for five years, but Apple has only recently activated them for card payments.

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