Aldi’s Maginon Smart Tags: The AirTag Alternative with Where is? Functionality

AirTag alternative: Maginon Smart Tags with "Where is?" support at Aldi

Discounters like Aldi Süd are now selling trackers that are compatible with Apple’s “Where is?” network. Maginon Smart Tags are available at a low price, cheaper than a single AirTag from Apple, and come in a set of two. Shoppers can even purchase them online. 
These Bluetooth trackers work similarly to Apple’s AirTags. With the help of iPhones in the surrounding area, the location share on Apple’s server can be accessed through “Where is?” app preinstalled on iPhones, iPads and Macs. The tracker is easy to locate with the app.
Maginon Smart Tags have a hanging hole for easy attachment your items. They use a replaceable CR2032 button cell that provides power for over a year. However, they do lack ultra-broadband radio, so they cannot provide a centimeter-precise search at close range. 
At just €15 per unit, Maginon Smart Tags are a cheaper option compared to AirTags or other alternatives from different manufacturers. One of the advantages is the built-in speaker. The speaker has been designed to produce around 75 decibels of sound making it easier to locate the tracker. 
Compared to the Rollei Smart Tags, which look almost identical, Maginon Smart Tags do not state whether they have protection against dust or spray water. However, Rollei Smart Tags come with protection rated at IP53. Avoid contact with splashing and dripping water altogether with the Maginon Smart Tags.
Atuvos is another manufacturer that offers trackers compatible with “Where is?” network. They offer a similar deal to Aldi Süd, selling a double pack of key finders compatible with Apple’s “Where is?” network at a low price. 
Shoppers should note that “Where is?”-compatible trackers follow Apple’s anti-stalking precautions to alert the owner of any possible misuse. A new specification from Apple and Google ensures that these warnings will work across manufacturers and operating systems in the future. 
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