AI School Cloud, Espionage, and the Rise of Robot Furniture on Amazon

Briefly informed: AI school cloud, espionage, Amazon, robot furniture

Eight federal states in Germany are developing an AI-supported learning cloud for schools. The new system will diagnose the performance level of pupils and assign them tasks tailored to their capabilities. In a practical test, slower learners achieved almost double their learning results, whereas children with already higher performance also improved. The 55 million euro project is part of the digital pact budget.

A news podcast delivers the most important news of the day in just two minutes. The podcast is also available on language assistants like Alexa or Google Assistant. Users can activate the skill by saying Play heise Top.

The Russian domestic secret service FSB has accused the US intelligence service NSA of spying on iPhones using special malware created with Apple’s vulnerabilities. Targets of the cyber espionage are primarily from Russia, but some devices belonging to diplomatic missions and embassies were spied on as well.

Amazon is reportedly paying $31 million to settle a lawsuit and a complaint from the US Consumer Protection Agency. The tech giant is accused of storing language and geolocation data from children and young people on its language assistant Alexa for several years, despite parents requesting deletion of the data. Amazon is also accused of failing to take security measures for the Ring surveillance camera to prevent its employees and several hundred contractual partners from accessing users’ stored videos.

Japan’s largest AI and robotics start-up, Preferred Networks, has launched its first robot for home use. Named Kachaka, it is a mobile piece of furniture rather than a sophisticated android to do housework. The robotic system consists of two units: a shelf on castors and a miniaturized, box-shaped semitrailer with cameras and sensors. The unit can move autonomously and bring different rolling shelves on command. The question remains whether customers will accept the autonomous serving table.

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