Adobe Applications Secure Against Critical Malicious Code Vulnerabilities on Patchday

Patchday: Critical malicious code vulnerabilities in Adobe applications closed

Adobe Issues Important Security Updates for Multiple Applications

Software manufacturer Adobe has released critical security updates for several of its applications, including Digital Editions, Dimension, InCopy, Reader, Substance 3D Designer, and Substance 3D Stager. The company has identified several vulnerabilities that have been classified as critical and could allow malicious code to reach systems.

At the top of the list are Acrobat and Reader, which have had 16 vulnerabilities addressed in both macOS and Windows versions 20.005.30467 and 23.001.20143. Adobe’s Digital Editions application is also vulnerable to a malicious code vulnerability (CVE-2023-32582 “high”), which can be addressed with Windows version

Another gap has been identified in InCopy, which allows for code exploitation (CVE-2023-22235 “high”). Adobe advises that versions 17.4.1 and 18.2 under macOS and Windows are protected against such attacks.

Substance 3D Designer and Substance 3D Stager have both been secured in releases 12.4.1 and 2.0.2 for macOS and Windows, respectively. After attacks on Dimension, Adobe has issued an update with Version 3.4.9 for macOS and Windows.

If you want to learn more about the vulnerabilities identified in these Adobe applications, you can check out the linked alerts. At the moment, it is unclear how exactly these attacks could take place, but Adobe encourages users to download the updates as soon as possible to avoid potential risks.

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