Accsoon’s SeeMo: Testing iOS Devices as Mobile Control Monitors

Use iOS devices as mobile control monitors: Accsoon's SeeMo in the test

Many filmmakers rely on field monitors to get a better view of the video they capture. These monitors not only offer a larger display but also provide a better representation of the scene’s composition and lighting. However, they can be expensive, which is why some filmmakers are looking for more affordable alternatives. One option is to use smartphones or tablets as monitors, and Apple allows this through special adapters with MFI certification.

The Accsoon SeeMo is one such adapter, costing 190 euros. It converts HDMI video signals without HDCP copy protection so that they can be sent to iOS devices. The adapter comes with a suitable Lightning adapter for iPhones and iPads, and it also has a USB-C output for connecting to an iPad Pro directly.

c’t, a German technology magazine, tested the Accsoon SeeMo and found that it works well as a monitor for video and photo cameras, as well as game consoles. The adapter delivers a good image quality, and the iOS device’s touch screen works well as a controller for the camera.

However, there are a few limitations to consider. For example, the Accsoon SeeMo only works with iOS devices, so Android users will need to look for other options. Also, since the adapter relies on the device’s touch screen, it may not be practical for some shooting scenarios. Finally, the adapter doesn’t support HDCP copy protection, which means it won’t work with sources that require it, such as some streaming services.

Despite these limitations, the Accsoon SeeMo is a viable option for filmmakers who want a more affordable and portable monitor. At 190 euros, it represents a significant saving compared to more expensive field monitors. For those who use iOS devices, it’s worth considering as a backup or secondary option.

In conclusion, the Accsoon SeeMo is a reliable and cost-effective adapter for those seeking a mobile control monitor. Although it may not be perfect for every situation, it’s a good alternative to expensive field monitors. Filmmakers can check c’t magazine’s test table for more information.

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