A Major and a Minor Presented to the Court

Three police officers were injured in the attack on their vehicle during the march to denounce systemic racism and police violence on Saturday in Paris.

A minor will be tried for aggravated violence and damage, while an adult will be presented to a magistrate on Tuesday, suspected of being involved in the attack on a police car on Saturday during a march against police violence, the Paris prosecutor’s office informed AFP on Monday.

The minor is summoned before a juvenile judge for aggravated violence and damage due to the circumstances in which they were committed, in a group and against a person of public authority or public utility, the public ministry said.

Regarding the adult, their custody began on Saturday shortly after the demonstration and continued on Sunday and Monday until late afternoon, before the prosecutor’s office decided on their referral. The public ministry will announce on Tuesday morning the judicial steps taken.

Five people placed in custody

In this case, a total of five people were placed in custody, but the prosecutor’s office specified that the other three, a man, a woman, and a minor, were released as they were cleared by the investigations entrusted to the Territorial Security.

The entourage of the police prefect Laurent Nuñez also indicated that he had decided not to open an administrative investigation into the police officer who drew his weapon to repel the demonstrators when his car was attacked.

“There is no suspicion of professional misconduct” on the part of the officer, they added.

“The police prefect called each of the officers (who were in the vehicle that was attacked) to congratulate them and express his support,” the entourage added.

Three injured police officers

On Saturday, during this demonstration starting from Gare du Nord, a police car, stuck in traffic, was attacked “with iron bars” by several individuals dressed in black, according to the prefecture of police.

One of the officers briefly stepped out of the vehicle with his weapon in hand to keep the protesters at bay.

The intervention of other police officers then “stopped the action and ensured the safety” of the officers in the vehicle, the prefecture explained.

Four police officers were in the vehicle, and three of them suffered “minor injuries” to the neck, Laurent Nuñez said on Saturday.

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