A Dati-Macron Pact for the 2026 Paris municipal elections? The scenario of discord in Macron’s circle

The text talks about a possible pact between Rachida Dati and Emmanuel Macron for the 2026 municipal elections in Paris. Dati’s surprising nomination as Minister of Culture has sparked speculation about her possibly heading the list for an alliance between the right and the presidential camp. However, the main interested parties have denied any such deal.

Pierre-Yves Bournazel, a Paris municipal councilor close to Édouard Philippe, expressed concern that a potential Dati-Macron agreement could marginalize other political figures. This has led to tensions within political factions such as Horizons and Renaissance, with some members openly expressing opposition to such an arrangement.

The reaction of the Parisian right-wing to Dati’s nomination is essential as she has been positioned as a prominent candidate for the 2026 elections. While the state of her position within the LR party is uncertain, there have been suggestions of a possible alliance between Macron’s camp and the Republicans.

As speculation and political maneuvering continue to unfold, it is evident that the implications of a Dati-Macron deal are significant, leading to potential shifts in political dynamics and alliances in the lead-up to the 2026 municipal elections in Paris.

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