Zulip Version 7: Adding Color to Team Chat with Open Source Tool

Team chat: Open source tool Zulip brings color into play with version 7​

The Zulip team has recently released version 7.0 of their team chat software. This latest version comes with major changes to the user interface, as well as some new features to compete with rival Slack.

One of the most notable changes is the color scheme, with new background colors designed to help users focus on news content. The new version also features colored message headers, making it easier to see which chats (or streams) the user is currently in.

In terms of new features, Zulip has now introduced the ability to define individual topics in muted team chats that will still be sent to the user. There is also a timer function for messages, allowing users to send messages at a designated time to avoid disturbing colleagues outside of work hours.

Additionally, the mobile app version of Zulip has made improvements to file attachment capabilities, allowing users to send multiple images simultaneously with text messages.

The release post for version 7.0 also contains some interesting statistics on the project. Since November 2022, over 3800 new commits have been made by 107 people. Furthermore, more than 1200 people have contributed code to Zulip, with 80 of them having over 100 commits each.

Zulip is an open source project that can either be self-hosted or obtained as a managed cloud service for a fee. Those who use the cloud service will automatically receive the latest update, while those who self-host are recommended to update manually. Full release notes can be found on the Zulip website.

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