World Cup Legend Andreas Brehme Shares Scandalous WhatsApp Image of Girlfriend

Andreas Brehme: World Cup hero sends his naked girlfriend via WhatsApp!

World Champion Andy Brehme’s Selfie Mishap

The former final scorer from 1990, Andy Brehme (62), had a curious streaker selfie mishap. Brehme had been recording a personalized birthday wish to fans for the “” portal when a naked woman suddenly scurried through the video in her own apartment. The 59-second video went viral millions of times, and BILD asked Brehme what had happened.

Brehme’s Explanation

According to Brehme, they only found out about the video when more and more friends called. He said that he had no idea why the video was surfacing now and that he hadn’t even realized that he had sent it at the time. Brehme also said that he regularly sends personalized birthday wishes to fans via WhatsApp.


The Mishap

The mishap occurred when Brehme had been recording one of his personalized birthday wishes in his holiday apartment. He was disturbed shortly before the end and turned to the side with his mobile phone, accidentally letting go of the record/send button too late. In the video, Brehme’s partner, Susanne Schaefer (56), accidentally walks into the picture wearing only panties. She later said that the video was taken last summer on vacation at Lake Garda.

Brehme Takes It Lightly

Brehme and his partner take the mishap lightly, with Schaefer teasing Brehme about it. Brehme was quick to comment that Susanne is a great wife and that he can laugh at himself. For future videos, he joked that he should let Susanne film.

The Aftermath

Although the video was an embarrassing mishap for Brehme, he has taken the attention in stride. With millions of views, the video has brought a lot of attention to both Brehme and his personalized birthday wishes for fans.

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