Valbuena mocks Paris SG fans

Mathieu Valbuena, the former Marseille player, has given his opinion on the atmosphere at the Parc des Princes. The classic PSG – OM match is scheduled for this Sunday, but it has already been the subject of discussion in the media. Valbuena, who used to play for Marseille, took the opportunity to suggest that there is a lack of passion and fervor among the Parisian fans. He stated, “The PSG fans are driven by their club.”

Valbuena reminisced about the past, noting that there was more rivalry and animosity in previous years. He mentioned that the Parc des Princes was a heated atmosphere back in 2007, 2008, 2009, with strong feelings of animosity towards Marseille. He highlighted the difference in the intensity of support from fans then and now.

While pointing out the dwindling enthusiasm of PSG fans, Valbuena also acknowledged that Marseille fans are now less demanding. He mentioned, “Today, it would be easier to forgive a defeat for Marseille, unless it’s catastrophic. That’s the difference compared to the classics of the past, but it’s been different since Paris changed. However, there still remains a great expectation and a big challenge for Marseille.”

When asked about the upcoming match on Sunday, Valbuena simply warned that Kylian Mbappé will be very motivated. He commented, “Because in the game against Chile, he seemed to take it easy. I didn’t see much determination from him. He played it safe.” Valbuena hinted at the potential performance of Mbappé in the big game.

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