Urgent Opportunity for Start-Ups: Join Amazon AWS Despite Missing the AI Train

Missed the AI ​​train?  Amazon AWS is urgently looking for start-ups

Amazon has launched a new accelerator program that aims to discover promising AI start-ups. The AWS Generative AI Accelerator will last for 10 weeks and offers assistance of up to $300,000 for AWS resources and access to tech consultants. It is said to help young companies properly implement their products for the first time. Upon registration, participants can use all AWS resources at their disposal.

For machine learning and HPC applications, Amazon offers EC2 P3 instances that come with up to 8 Nvidia V100 tensor core GPUs and up to 100 Gbit/s network throughput. However, the largest P3dn.24xlarge costs $9.64 per hour, and at an on-demand price, the cost goes up to $31.218 per hour.

To qualify for the program, applicants must have an MVP and initial contacts with customers. The program is open to all industries and available worldwide. It is aimed at helping start-ups scale their AI ideas already implemented using temporarily free cloud resources.

One of Amazon’s main offerings in the AI field has been the programming aid called CodeWhisperer, similar to GitHub Copilot. However, in the field of generative AI, Amazon’s portfolio has been sparse, which is one of the main reasons for launching the accelerator program. This program is also an opportunity for Amazon to gain exclusive insight into potential takeovers.

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