Upcoming Webinars on Professional JavaScript Development

New webinars for professional JavaScript development

JavaScript is a popular programming language used by developers worldwide. With over 800 pages, the language standard covers different topics, from simple operators to complex arrays and classes. In the new webinar series “JavaScript Advanced” hosted by heise and Rheinwerk, participants will learn advanced techniques and best practices for JavaScript applications.

Led by renowned JavaScript expert Sebastian Springer, participants will explore the language beyond operators and data types in the five webinars. They will learn about solutions for asynchrony, application security, and TypeScript, among other topics.

Many developers hope that an application will run without issue. However, Sebastian Springer provides insights into performance measurement tools and newer technologies for better results. TypeScript, known as the better JavaScript, can be worth using for larger web applications on both the server and client.

The webinars last four hours, starting at 9 a.m. and ending at 1 p.m. Tickets for a single webinar costs 169 euros. However, those interested in attending all five can save by purchasing a combination ticket for 595 euros or an annual subscription to the heise Academy for 495 euros, providing unlimited access to over 100 video courses and 90 webinars.

Participants in the “JavaScript Advanced” webinar series can expect expert tips and practical exercises. They can ask questions directly in the live chat and interact with other participants. Additionally, they have access to videos and exercise materials for ongoing learning.

Those interested can find more information and tickets on the webinar series website. To stay up-to-date on offers from the heise Academy, developers can register for the newsletter. In summary, the “JavaScript Advanced” webinar series provides a valuable opportunity to explore and master advanced techniques for JavaScript applications.

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