Unveiling the Truth Behind Natanael Cano’s Alleged Attack in Cancun

Natanael Cano Celebrates His Birthday Safely in Cancun

Natanael Cano, a popular young musician from Mexico, recently celebrated his 22nd birthday at the H. Roof nightclub in Cancun. While reports initially circulated that Cano and his crew were victims of an armed attack, his management company, Los CT, has denied these allegations.

False Reports of an Armed Attack

Mexican news outlets reported that Cano’s car was shot at while he and his friends were traveling after the party. However, Los CT has issued a statement to refute these claims. According to their press release, “Neither the artist, nor his crew, nor any of his private transportation vehicles had any interaction or participation in any altercation or exchange of fire.”

Safe and Sound in Cancun

Cano has over 4.7 million followers on Instagram, where he shares glimpses of his life on and off stage. His account shows footage of a fun-filled birthday celebration with his friends and fellow musicians, suggesting that he had a safe and enjoyable time in Cancun.

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