Top AI Companies: Elon Musk’s Favored Choices, Google Bard, Schufa App, VanMoof

Briefly informed: AI companies for Elon Musk, Google Bard, Schufa app, VanMoof

Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, has announced the founding of a new AI company called xAI. The company aims to create a “maximally curious” artificial intelligence. Musk has expressed concerns about the potential dangers of AI if left unregulated, but believes that xAI will be safe. He does not think it is necessary to explicitly implant morality in the AI, as he believes it will naturally stand up for humanity. Musk will take over the management of xAI.

Google’s AI chatbot Bard is now available in Germany and the EU. The chatbot was previously unavailable in these regions due to unresolved data protection issues. Google has worked with experts, policy makers, and regulators to address these issues and ensure privacy protection. Bard is described as an experiment in its initial phase.

Schufa, a German credit rating agency, plans to notify consumers about negative entries in their credit scores. The notification will be sent through the Bonify app, which is owned by Schufa. In addition, registered Bonify users will have access to free information about their current Schufa scores. The app will also provide access to current account data starting in 2024, allowing for a better assessment of creditworthiness.

Dutch e-bike manufacturer VanMoof is facing financial difficulties and has been sent two administrators by the Dutch government to help the company find a way out of insolvency. VanMoof has been granted a payment moratorium and a two-month period during which creditors cannot assert their claims. The company has announced the temporary closure of its brand in cities such as Berlin, Amsterdam, London, and Paris, but assures customers that bike services will continue as normal during the period of bankruptcy protection. All outstanding deliveries and repairs will be processed.

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