Top 10 Words and Phrases to Fully Understand the World of Video Games

The Paris Games Week is returning from November 1 to 5 at Porte de Versailles. This is an opportunity for some to discover the world of video games with its codes and vocabulary. To help you understand everything during competitions and conferences, we have put together a small gaming lexicon.

Making a top 1: Many popular games like Fortnite or PUBG involve online players competing until only one remains alive. It is then said that they have made a top 1. This expression can also be used during a game of Mario Kart or any racing game.

Pay to Win: Mainly refers to games (often smartphone games) that offer microtransactions to upgrade the player’s avatar and hero. The more they buy, the stronger their character becomes with better weapons and increased abilities.

MMORPG: This acronym stands for “massively multiplayer online role-playing game.” The most well-known MMORPG has millions of users, which is World of Warcraft.

DLC: Stands for “downloadable content” in English. A DLC is additional content offered to the player by the game developers. This content often includes new missions, new settings, or new outfits for the player’s character. It can be free or paid.

Triple A: This expression refers to a high-budget game developed by a giant in the gaming industry such as Nintendo, Ubisoft, Blizzard, Epic Games, etc. It can also refer to a popular game with a big license among players.

Steam: The main game download platform for PC gamers. Digital games now represent the majority of purchases.

FPS: Stands for “first-person shooter,” a genre of video games in which the player’s camera is in a first-person perspective. This angle is highly appreciated in shooting games. Some of the most famous FPS franchises are Call of Duty and Battlefield. However, “FPS” can also be used for “frames per second,” which refers to the smoothness of the image displayed in a video game. The higher the number of frames per second, the less jerky the movements of the characters or the environment are.

Gameplay: The gameplay encompasses several characteristics of a video game and defines how it is played. The gameplay will be different between a racing game and an FPS, as they require different skills from the player. This aspect is often discussed by professionals in the industry during reviews or game releases.

Streamer: Streamers are mainly found on Twitch, the leading video game streaming platform. They broadcast their gameplay live and interact with viewers watching their content in real time.

Bot: An abbreviation of “robot” that refers to artificial intelligence in a video game. It can be applied to characters, enemies, or allies with whom the player must interact.

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