The Ultimate Faceoff: E-Bike vs Vacuum Cleaner vs Robot Lawn Mower

#TGIQF: The product three-way battle – e-bike, vacuum cleaner or robot lawn mower?

Every Friday, the “Thank God It’s Quiz Friday” (TGIQF) challenge offers a new quiz from the areas of IT, technology, entertainment, or nerd knowledge. This week’s quiz goes into the depths of product marketing, where marketers come up with unique and memorable names for new products to ensure they stay in the market.

The quiz challenges participants to match product names to their respective categories, namely e-bikes, robotic lawnmowers, and vacuum cleaners. However, the most obvious names are not always the right ones.

The clock is ticking, and quick answers lead to rewards of up to 200 points in 10 questions. Participants can compare their scores with others in the forum.

Participants are encouraged to refrain from sharing spoilers as to not spoil the quiz for other players. The quiz master of puppets welcomes suggestions from the community on what the quiz topics should be.

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Join the Friday quiz to test your knowledge and have fun guessing the right product names.

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