The Paris Basketball team successfully orchestrated its strategic planning

The French professional basketball league may be entering a powerful cycle of economic development. After ambitious projects from ASVEL and AS Monaco Basket, Paris Basketball is now taking off economically and sportively with the inauguration of the adidas arena. In an interview with, Vincent Bot, a Senior Strategic Consultant at Hoop Analytics and an expert in basketball development strategy, discusses the emergence of Paris Basketball and its impact on French professional basketball.

Paris Basketball recently inaugurated the adidas arena during a game against Saint-Quentin in Betclic Elite. Can this new arena help the Parisian club become the third heavyweight in the French professional basketball scene?

We got a glimpse of this during the last edition of the Leaders Cup. Paris Basketball defeated AS Monaco Basket for the first time. They already have a strong team, finishing at the top of their group in EuroCup and potentially aiming for EuroLeague participation next season.

Paris Basketball has strategically planned their development well. With the delivery of the adidas arena, co-owner David Kahn accelerated the team’s sports plans by recruiting elements from Telekom Baskets Bonn, including coach Tuomas Iisalo. The club has also strengthened its administrative and commercial teams in preparation for expanding their revenue streams.

With this arena, will Paris Basketball be able to compete with AS Monaco and ASVEL in the long run? Gradually, Paris Basketball will succeed. The club has strong shareholders, and the adidas arena will significantly increase their hospitality and sponsorship revenues.

Paris Basketball aims to replicate Paris Saint-Germain’s model by maximizing matchday revenues through their new arena. They have expanded their staff to enhance hospitality sales and are working on offers for companies and groups to increase attendance and build relationships within the basketball community.

Vincent Bot, through his experiences, has supported clubs like Paris Basketball and Stade Toulousain Basketball in their development strategies. The club’s leaders were heavily involved in constructing the adidas arena, focusing on details that would enhance revenue generation, such as prime seating close to the court.

The emergence of a third major French club could help Betclic Elite grow economically. In the future, broadcasters may be willing to pay more to broadcast the championship with the rise of another strong team like Paris Basketball.

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