The First Season of Diablo 4 Introduces an Exciting New Story Quest

"Diablo 4": First season comes with a new story quest

Blizzard’s “Diablo 4” is expanding its storyline with the introduction of Season 1. The new season will feature a character named Cormand, as players embark on a mission to free the corrupted landscape of Sanctuary. While the story of Season 1 is not a direct continuation of the main game, players will need to have completed the main story campaign at least once before accessing the new content.

To participate in the season, players will need to create a new character. However, if they have already completed the main quest with another character, they can skip it with future characters. Blizzard also allows for the transfer of certain bonuses and progress, such as reputation, unlocked Lilith altars, and discovered areas of the game map.

Season 1 of “Diablo 4” will bring new items, dungeons, enemies, and a new boss fight. Players will have the opportunity to collect corrupted hearts, which are powerful gems that can be used to enhance weapons and armor. These gems also bring bonuses to the gameplay experience.

In addition to the new gameplay content, Season 1 will also introduce the first Battle Pass for “Diablo 4.” Players can unlock 27 levels through gameplay, earning special in-game currency and cosmetic items. By purchasing the Battle Pass for 10 euros, players can unlock up to 90 levels. The Ultimate Edition of the game includes the Season 1 Battle Pass at no additional cost.

Blizzard has announced that Season 1 of “Diablo 4” will begin on July 20th, with a major patch for the game set to be released on July 18th. Players can look forward to an expanded storyline, new gameplay features, and the opportunity to unlock exclusive rewards through the Battle Pass.

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