TGIQF: Celebrating Picard – A quiz dedicated to our beloved captain

#TGIQF: Happy Picard Day - The quiz about our favorite captain

If there is one person who has proven that faster than light speed keeps you young, it is Captain Picard aka Patrick Stewart.

Not only did he lead Star Trek into the next generation in 178 episodes and 7 seasons, as well as several cinema films, he also embodies the captain in “Picard” 30 years after TNG, and looks less aged than he did many viewers from the first hour.

But why Captain Picard Day? He was proclaimed in the episode “Pegasus” so that the children on board could artistically pay homage to their captain. Sidereal time was 47457.1, the equivalent of June 16, 2370.

While Captain Picard tends to reject this star cult, it is of course a welcome opportunity for the Friday Heise nerd quiz to send you into the well-deserved weekend with questions about Captain Picard. To prepare, it is of course worth watching our heiseshow. Yesterday there were again three questions from today’s quiz.

The clock keeps ticking and rewards quick answers. With quick play you can get up to 200 points in 10 questions. The score can be compared with other players in the forum. However, please refrain from using spoilers so as not to spoil the fun of the quiz for other participants.

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