Sony Developing Mobile Console for Remote Play

Sony is reportedly working on mobile console for remote play

Sony is reportedly working on a new mobile console that only works in combination with a Playstation 5. The device, rumored to be called the “Playstation Q Lite” by games magazine Insider Gaming, is intended for Sony’s “Remote Play” function. This means that games would not run locally, but would be streamed from an active Playstation 5. As a result, the Q Lite would only work with an internet connection and would only be able to stream when the Playstation 5 is also running.

Insider Gaming emphasizes that the Q Lite is not a cloud gaming console, and users would only be able to stream content from a connected Playstation, rather than external servers. As a mobile console, the Q Lite would be severely restricted and would work best in a user’s own home. Whether such a concept would make sense is a matter of debate in the gaming community, according to the report.

The Q Lite is said to have an 8-inch LC screen flanked by two handles reminiscent of the Dualsense gamepads. Its 60 Hertz display would be larger than that of the Steam Deck and the recently announced Asus Ally. The Q Lite’s controller elements are also said to have the same vibration functions and adaptive triggers as regular Playstation gamepads.

Insider Gaming has not yet given an exact release date for the Q Lite, but the console is expected to be available before the speculated Playstation 5 Pro, which is predicted to be available by Christmas 2024. The Q Lite should therefore be available before 2025.

Sony has not yet commented on the Insider Gaming report, but the website’s founder, longtime games journalist Tom Henderson, has a good reputation for reliable leaks from the games industry. However, it’s worth noting that Sony’s previous attempts at mobile consoles, the Playstation Portable and the Playstation Vita, were both considered flops. The Vita only sold 4 million copies within its first year of release, compared to the PS4, which sold over 18 million copies in its first year.

Despite this, the Playstation 5 has sold over 17 million times in its first year, despite delivery problems. Whether or not the Q Lite will be a success remains to be seen, but it’s clear that Sony is once again trying to break into the mobile gaming market.

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