See Christian Nodal and Cazzu Live in Argentina

The Seriousness of Christian Nodal and Cazzu’s Relationship

Almost a year after their relationship began, it seems that things are getting serious between Christian Nodal and Cazzu. They already live together in Argentina, which is the singer’s native country. Despite keeping their romance private, Cazzu recently shared details of their relationship.

Living Together in Argentina

The couple has kept their relationship mostly private, but Cazzu revealed that Nodal does not like to be called by name and that they already share their home in Argentina. “He lives with me here in Argentina, we spend it traveling, but we have our house here,” said the singer during an interview on the Noche al Dente program.

The Sweet Serenade

Cazzu also revealed that Nodal serenaded her on her birthday which made her cry from the emotion she felt. “The first time on my birthday they sang my mornings and I cried, she sings very beautifully, she sings very beautifully. Recommended,” she said.

A Healthy Relationship

Cazzu added that they have a very healthy relationship and that they have a lot of fun together. They even agree to dress in the same color sometimes. “We even agree on what we are going to wear,” she concluded.

It’s clear that Christian Nodal and Cazzu are more in love than ever and their relationship is definitely something to look out for!

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