Rapper Flo Rida’s Son Survives Fall From Fifth Floor in Miraculous Incident

Flor Rida’s Son Falls 5 Floors From Building

Flor Rida, the famous rapper, has been in the news recently after his son fell from a fifth-floor window of a Jersey apartment building. The incident has caused a lot of concern among fans of the rapper.

Poorly Installed Window To Blame

Initial reports suggest that the 6-year-old fell from a window that was not properly installed or maintained, resulting in serious injuries. Alexis Addams, the child’s mother, has taken legal action against the building owners, the construction company, maintenance workers, and window attendants.

Serious Injuries

The boy has suffered multiple injuries, including fractures to his left metatarsal and pelvis, a grade three liver laceration, internal bleeding, and a collapsed lung. His mother has expressed anger and sadness at what happened.

Flor Rida Not Involved

Flor Rida, whose real name is Tramar Lacel Dillard, is not involved in his son’s life, despite acknowledging him as his child. The boy’s mother has full custody and provides him with special care due to his hydrocephalus condition.

Recovery Underway

Zohar, Flor Rida’s son, is currently recovering in an undisclosed medical unit. His mother is seeking compensation for the injuries that her child has sustained due to the faulty window.

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