Poncho Herrera’s Uncensored Perspective on RBD’s Reunion

Alfonso ‘Poncho’ Herrera discusses RBD memories

For many fans of the iconic Mexican band RBD, Alfonso ‘Poncho’ Herrera was one of the most beloved members. Since the band dissolved in 2009, many have wondered what the former band member has been up to and how he feels about his time in the group. Recently, Poncho discussed RBD and his memories of the band in a candid interview with People en Español.

In the interview, Poncho opened up about the transition from being a successful actor to a successful musician. He discussed the challenges he faced during the formative years of RBD, and how the band ultimately became one of the biggest cultural phenomena in Latin America. The beloved artist also shared some of his favorite memories from his time in RBD, including touring Europe and having unforgettable performances in Spain and Italy.

Poncho also reflected on the pressures the group faced during their time together and the immense amount of pressure that came with being in the spotlight. He spoke about how the members of the group were like family, but also noted that there were many difficult moments and disagreements in the band’s history.

Life after RBD

After RBD disbanded, Poncho focused on his acting career and has since appeared in a number of hit shows and movies. Despite the success he has had on screen, Poncho has never forgotten the impact RBD had on his life and career.

While speaking with People en Español, Poncho remarked on the band’s influence: “RBD broke down a lot of barriers both for me and in the world” he said. “I think RBD’s legacy is one of love, unity, and solidarity. That is something I will always be proud of.”

A cherished era

For fans around the world, RBD was more than just a band – it was a cultural phenomenon that defined a generation. Poncho’s openness about his experiences in the group and the fond memories he has shared prove that the impact of RBD can still be felt today.

As Poncho reflects on his journey as both an actor and musician, he will always cherish the memories and experiences he shared with the band that captured the hearts of millions.

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