Meet the Protagonists and Villains of the Latest Mexican Telenovela ‘No One Like You’

A New Telenovela Production

TelevisaUnivision will soon release their latest telenovela, No One Like You starring Karla Esquivel and Brandon Peniche. The upcoming drama has already captured the hearts of many fans and has been generating a lot of buzz.

About the Producer

Ignacio Sada, who has produced renowned telenovelas like Sin tu mirada and Quererlo todo, returns in 2023 with his latest production, Nobody Like You. Having worked as an assistant for the telenovela Rosa Salvaje and later becoming an associate producer of Alma Rebelde in 1999, Sada has garnered years of experience and has produced many successful productions.

What to Expect in No One Like You

The telenovela is set to be a thrilling love story filled with intrigue, heartbreak, and suspense. The plot revolves around the production of mezcal, creating a fantastical and magical world for viewers to enjoy.

Meet the Leading Actors

Karla Esquivel, a 27-year-old Mexican actress, will take the lead role. Her notable performances include My Path is to Love You, Doña Flor and Her Two Husbands, and Overcome Fear. Sada praised her ability to transform her acting style and take on various character roles seamlessly, making her the perfect choice for the leading lady.

Brandon Peniche, well-known for his acting in various Mexican dramas, will also take on a leading role. A familiar face to Sada, who previously worked with him on With You Yes and Un Refugio Para El Amor, Peniche has a great human quality and brings life to his characters.

The Villains of No One Like You

The upcoming drama will also feature a villainous counterpart played by Eduardo Santamarina, Elizabeth Álvarez, and Irina Baeva. Their roles will surely add to the overall excitement of the telenovela.

The Cast of No One Like You

Recording for Nobody Like You will begin in May, and while the premiere date is yet to be announced, fans are excited to witness the exceptional performances of the cast, which includes both familiar and upcoming actors.

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