Mac & i Podcast Explores Health Tracking with Apple Watch

Health check with Health and Apple Watch in the Mac & i podcast

Apple is continuously improving its Watch by adding new sensors and health functions in order to turn it into a health early warning system. The most significant leap so far has been the 1-lead ECG built into most models, as well as the alerts available on all watches for a possible cardiac arrhythmia (atrial fibrillation).

In addition, Apple is increasing the measuring frequency and recording the respiratory rate and temperature during sleep tracking, which can provide insight into the course of an infection.

During episode 46 of the Mac & i Apple podcast, Malte Kirchner and Leo Becker, along with their colleague Inge Schwabe, explore the various health data that can be collected, how to navigate the bulky data collection point Apple Health on the iPhone, and other functions such as mindfulness, oxygen saturation, volume warnings, and fall detection. They also discuss the differences in terms of sensors on the various Apple Watch models.

Another topic covered in the episode is the new accessibility features in iOS 17, as well as the question of whether it is possible to prevent iOS from silently outsourcing important programs such as warning apps, which can essentially render them useless.

The Mac & i Apple podcast is published every two weeks with the moderator duo Malte Kirchner and Leo Becker. In addition to discussions with guests on specialist topics, they involve the listeners and current developments more closely. Listeners are invited to send in letters and questions to [email protected].

The Mac & i Apple Podcast can be subscribed to via RSS feed, with any podcast app of your choice. It can also be found on Apple’s Podcast Directory and on Spotify. New videos of the recording appear on YouTube in the Mac & i channel. An overview of previous Mac & i podcast episodes can be found on their website.

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