Linda de Mol faces allegations of sexual assault on former ‘The Voice’ contestant

Linda de Mol accused of sexual assault on 'The Voice' ex

Ex-boyfriend of Linda de Mol Accused of Sexual Assaults

The ex-boyfriend of popular TV host Linda de Mol, Jeroen Rietbergen, is facing legal action for several alleged sexual assaults. Rietbergen was the former band leader of the hit show “The Voice of Holland” and a successful musician. Several women came forward with accusations against him and his colleagues that they had been abused. Charges have been filed against Rietbergen and musician Ali B, for rape and physical harm respectively.

The allegations first came to light in January 2022, resulting in de Mol ending her 14-year relationship with Rietbergen. He reportedly underwent sex therapy in the USA. De Mol has not commented directly on the charges against Rietbergen, though it is understood they have reconnected and spend time together.

Rietbergen himself admitted to sexual contact with women involved in the show and sending explicit emails and images. His lawyers have the opportunity to provide evidence to avoid a trial. The public prosecutor’s office has not yet confirmed whether there will be a court case.

While other men were also accused, only Rietbergen and Ali B have been charged so far. “The Voice of Holland” was created by de Mol’s brother John. When news of the allegations broke, Rietbergen apologized to the women concerned, saying he had acted inappropriately several years ago.

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