Laura Wontorra’s Ex, Simon Zoller, Spotted with a New Woman!

Laura Wontorra: Her ex Simon Zoller shows up with a new woman!

New love for Simon Zoller after the separation from Laura Wontorra

Simon Zoller (31), professional soccer player at VfL Bochum, is in love again after the separation from his ex-girlfriend, Laura Wontorra (34/TV presenter) in August 2020. Zoller announced on Instagram in December that year would be the most emotional of his life. According to a friend of the couple, both of them had different schedules, which made it difficult to spend time together.

Now, Zoller has a new partner, Judith Babette Kirstein, a lawyer working in an employment law firm in Düsseldorf. They went on a short trip to Paris during the international break recently. Zoller’s fans on Instagram are happy to see him in love and recovering from the separation. His followers wrote sweet messages to him such as, “Zolli happy, all of Bochum happy” and “It’s so nice to see you so happy.

Apart from his personal life, Zoller is doing well professionally. Despite a thigh injury, he was able to make a comeback and support his team in the final spurt of the season. His followers are happy to see things running smoothly for him both in his personal and professional life.

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