Jasper, Texas Prom Shooting: Multiple Injuries Reported

Nine Teenagers Injured in East Texas Shooting

On Sunday, a tragic incident occurred at an after-prom party in East Texas, leaving nine teenagers injured after being shot. Local authorities were called to a private residence located in Jasper County, where the party was taking place. Upon arriving, they discovered nine victims with gunshot wounds, but fortunately, all of them are expected to make a full recovery.

The party was attended by an estimated 250 people when the shooting occurred, and eight victims were taken in private vehicles to nearby hospitals for treatment. One of the wounded victims didn’t go to the hospital, according to Jasper County Sheriff’s spokeswoman Karli Cherry.

The investigation is ongoing, and authorities are already questioning persons of interest. Following the initial shooting, another incident took place in the city of Jasper; however, no injuries were reported in the second shooting. Authorities are investigating whether the two shootings are related due to the presence of a common vehicle in both places.

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