iX-Workshop: Learn Data Analysis with Python (Limited Availability)

iX-Workshop: Introduction to data analysis with Python (still a few places left)

Learn Data Analysis with Python through iX Workshop

If you are interested in data analysis and python programming, then the iX workshop: Getting Started with Data Analysis with Python is perfect for you. Conducted by experienced data analyst, Kilian Kluge, the workshop is designed to help participants derive valuable insights strategically from their company’s data.

What You Will Learn

The two-day workshop provides an overview of the Python Scientific Stack, which includes standard libraries such as numpy and pandas. It also covers Python tools for plotting and visualizing data. The training includes practical exercises where participants can apply their new knowledge.

Who Can Benefit from the Workshop

The iX workshop is intended for individuals who are currently using Excel and similar applications for data analysis and visualization but are finding the tools limited. The workshop is scheduled for June 13th and 14th, 2023, and Jupyter notebooks are available in the cloud for practical exercises.

Register Now!

The workshop is limited to ten participants, so enroll quickly if you want to secure your spot. More information is available on the iX workshop website along with the registration form.

Advanced workshop machine learning with scikit-learn

For those who are already familiar with the basics of Python for data science, the two-day advanced workshop Machine Learning with scikit-learn might be of interest. This online workshop provides more in-depth knowledge about machine learning using one of the most popular Python libraries for data analysis.

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