Introducing Oracle Database 23c with Enhanced Features for Application Development

Oracle Database 23c with new features for app development

Oracle has made an announcement about the availability of a new free database version called “Oracle Database 23c Free – Developer Release”. The company has also highlighted that developers with DB 23c will be the first to access new functions for app development, which include JSON Relational Duality.

Gerald Venzl, Senior Director of Product Manager at Oracle, reveals in a blog post that the company is responding to requests from developers who want a free version of the database. Additionally, this is the first time Oracle is making the database version available to the developer community first.

Developers can now download version 23c directly from the internet without requiring an Oracle user account or a click-through license. The database is available for download as a Docker image, virtual machine for VirtualBox, or a Linux RPM installation file.

The JSON relational duality feature stands out as one of the critical features of the database. This feature allows developers to create apps in both relational and JSON paradigms with a single point of truth to benefit from both models. Thanks to this, data is stored once and can be accessed, written, and modified using either relational or document model approaches.

Javascript Stored Procedures, which are supported by the GraalVM, are another new feature. Developers can write Javascript stored procedures or load existing Javascript libraries into the Oracle database, enabling them to run JavaScript code closer to data.

For more information on the new features and possibilities of the database, interested parties can visit Oracle’s blog entry or the product page of the database.

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