Hydrogen Infrastructural Development: Federal and State Governments Collaborate to Establish National Hydrogen Network

Hydrogen: The federal and state governments want to build a hydrogen network

The federal and state governments in Germany have agreed to establish a hydrogen network in the country, according to Chancellor Olaf Scholz. The necessary decisions regarding the network will be made this year, and it is considered a significant economic project. The aim is to establish a reliable hydrogen supply for companies. Additionally, a joint monitoring process for the expansion of renewable energies was also agreed upon during the discussions. Scholz emphasized the need to accelerate the expansion of wind and solar energy and upgrade the grids. He called for a faster decision-making process similar to the development of the LNG infrastructure in Germany. Hydrogen, produced using renewable energies, is viewed as a key component in the country’s energy transition. The natural gas industry believes that hydrogen can be directly integrated into its pipeline network, while researchers from the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research suggest that green hydrogen will remain scarce for some time.

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