Head of Apple, Tim Cook, Takes a Bang at Mixed Reality with New Headset

Apple headset ahead: Tim Cook drums for mixed reality

Apple CEO Tim Cook has given hints about the areas of application for a headset that Apple may release soon. Cook emphasized in an interview with GQ magazine that overlaying the physical world with digital elements could “improve communication and relationships between people massively.” He also mentioned that with the virtual world as an overlay, “we could optimize the world even more.” Cook has repeatedly emphasized opportunities and areas of application for augmented reality or mixed reality, which Apple has been working on interfaces for in corresponding applications for a long time.

However, the Apple headset project has met with skepticism internally. It is said that the hardware is currently searching for a solution to a problem. Cook acknowledged, “There have been a lot of skeptics about almost everything we’ve ever done,” but added the skeptics were usually found outside of the company.

Despite internal skepticism, it is currently expected that Apple will present a first mixed reality headset with the “xrOS” operating system at the WWDC developer conference on June 5th. The headset may be called “Reality Pro,” and virtual meetings and 3D films are among the intended uses. The start of sales may not follow until many months later, with a rumored price point of $3,000.

In conclusion, Apple fans and enthusiasts look forward to the release of the highly-anticipated headset. If the headset does indeed launch at WWDC in June, it will be interesting to see the company’s vision for the future of virtual reality and mixed reality. Nonetheless, with the potential price point at a staggering $3,000, it remains to be seen how successful the headset will be among the masses.

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