Gen Z Embraces Remote Work, While Baby Boomers Remain Skeptical

Remote work: baby boomers remain skeptical, Gen Z is convinced

The trend towards distributed teams is continuing to rise, with more and more companies embracing the concept of remote work. The Human Resources startup, Remote, recently released a report titled Remote Workforce Report 2023, which sheds light on the current state of distributed collaboration. The report indicates that managers are particularly keen on the idea of internationally distributed cooperation, with 60% of them observing an increase in the number of qualified workers applying for advertised positions.

Contrary to popular belief, the report also finds that the level of employee loyalty is in fact increasing, with 69% of companies reporting a rise in loyalty levels. Additionally, over 70% of firms have cited an increase in productivity levels as a result of distributed work. However, the report does highlight some of the downsides of remote collaboration, with over half of the companies surveyed reporting an increase in personnel costs.

The report also outlines the differing attitudes towards distributed work among different generations of employees. While two-thirds of management see distributed teams as the future, only 43% of employees share that outlook. Interestingly, the report found that while only 20% of baby boomers believe in more remote work in the future, 80% of Gen Z can imagine working abroad.

The report underscores how different generations are looking at distributed work in different ways, with baby boomers showing skepticism and Gen Z displaying optimism. The report draws its findings from a survey of over 1500 decision-makers, employees, and contractors internationally.

Remote, the startup behind the report, is a distributed collaboration services provider. The full 69-page report is available for download from the company’s website after submitting personal information. As remote work continues to grow, companies must weigh the benefits against the drawbacks of distributed collaboration.

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