Future update allows WhatsApp usage on four devices simultaneously

WhatsApp accounts can be used simultaneously on four smartphones in the future

WhatsApp Announces Multi-Device Support for Four Smartphones

In a recent announcement on Facebook, Meta boss Mark Zuckerberg revealed that a WhatsApp account can now be used on up to four smartphones simultaneously. Previously, users had to log out in order to switch devices. According to a press release from WhatsApp, the update will be rolled out to users worldwide in the coming weeks.

This improvement is expected to be especially useful for business customers, allowing small business owners and their employees to use one WhatsApp account together and respond to customer messages.

WhatsApp’s chats are end-to-end encrypted, and last year the company introduced the ability to use one account with multiple devices, although this was only possible on non-phone devices in addition to the smartphone as the main device. The beta test for this had already begun this year, and the current extension to multi-device support continues this function.

Chats started on one device can now be easily continued on all linked devices, with each device creating its own connection to WhatsApp. This ensures that messages, media and calls are end-to-end encrypted. If the main device remains inactive for a longer period of time, users will be automatically logged out of all companion devices.

In addition, the company plans to introduce an alternative way to connect to companion devices. In the coming weeks, after entering their phone number in WhatsApp Web, a one-time code will appear that users can use to link their devices. This eliminates the need to scan the QR code.

Overall, this update is set to make it simpler and more convenient for users to access WhatsApp across multiple devices.

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