FSV Zwickau’s Härtel Emerges as Lucky Charm in Victory Over Ingolstadt

FSV Zwickau: This is how Härtel became a lucky charm against Ingolstadt

The Second Joint Victory of FSV Zwickau

The Victory

The second joint victory of Zwickau and Ronny Thielemann (49) was a special success. There were 4040 spectators who watched an intense 2-0 win against FC Ingolstadt where the goals were scored by defender Robin Ziegele (25) and attacker Jan-Marc Schneider (29), leading to the second home win with the new coach.

Other trump cards that led to FSV Zwickau’s victory were Jens Härtel (53) and the standards. The victory defined the atmosphere of the conversation between the two companions after the game. Härtel and Thielemann talked relaxed and with joy.

Haertel, with whom Thielemann trained and celebrated promotions at 1. FC Magdeburg and then at Hansa Rostock, was also a guest in the stadium on Sunday. Thielemann jokingly said, So he came as a lucky charm. He can now take his time looking for a new club. We can use him very well in the role of lucky charm.

Importance of Standards

However, it wasn’t just luck that led to the win. It was work too. In training, Thielemann emphasizes the importance of standards that can be defended defensively and used offensively to attack. This was announced as a special quality of Thielemann by Haertel when he was introduced as a trainer in Zwickau.

The 1-0 win against Ingolstadt on Sunday was preceded by a corner kick for FSV. Thielemann explains: You can see week after week how important standards are. You can reliably fall back on patterns from processes that are always the same. Variants are also tried with players who are the sender and target of the standards.

Thielemann and his co Robin Lenk (39) train twice a week for 15 to 20 minutes each. Thielemann says, We should be able to develop quality from this. We were just as successful in Magdeburg and Rostock.

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