Five dance workshops to do with your children around Paris

You no longer have many opportunities to go out dancing since you spend your Saturday nights with your children and, at the same time, you don’t know what to do to let them blow off steam on the weekends? From the dance halls of the National Dance Center in Pantin to the dance floor of the festive venue Ground Control in the 12th arrondissement of Paris, here is our selection of family-friendly dance events to heat up the dance floor.

Contakids in Paris 10th
Dancer Suzanne Meyer discovered contact dance in Italy during a parent-child workshop. Intrigued by this improvisational technique developed in the 1970s, she decided to import the pedagogy developed by Israeli contemporary dancer Itay Yatuv and organize sessions in the French capital.

For the seventh consecutive year, Contakids Paris offers children aged 2 to 4, accompanied by one of their parents, the opportunity to learn about movement and take ownership of the space around them. For forty-five minutes, each duo takes over the space and is guided in what Suzanne Meyer defines as a moment of “sharing and freedom.” Rolls, lifts, and frenetic races follow one another for a moment of release and laughter. A tip to make the most of this workshop: sign up while your child is still lightweight! Your back will thank you.

Contakids Paris, Dojo Tenchi, 25 boulevard de Strasbourg, Paris 10th. Next sessions on Sundays November 12th, November 26th, and December 10th (at 5 p.m.). Price: €20 per session for a child-adult duo.

Boum Hors Control in Paris 12th
DJ sets, makeup workshops, entertainment, games, dance floor… All the ingredients for a successful disco party are brought together for the Hors Control event, organized every month on Saturday or Sunday afternoons. The collective Les Doigts dans la prise has honed its skills in organizing parties for adults. Now they bring this expertise to Ground Control, an open and festive venue in the 12th arrondissement of Paris.

The disco parties are primarily aimed at children aged 5 to 12, but they are designed to please the whole family. Younger siblings will also find joy in this lively chaos. As for parents, they can enjoy a drink while watching the kids go wild on the dance floor. And of course, they are free to join them and showcase their best dance moves. After a special rugby-themed edition in early October, the November party will have a mountain and winter sports theme. Get ready for a disco party in a beanie and Moon Boots!

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