Final Cut Pro for iPad: Latest Rumors and Speculations

More rumors about Final Cut Pro for the iPad

Apple may be making a version of its professional video editing software, Final Cut Pro, for iPads, according to Twitter leaker @analyst941. Apple has been using Apple Silicon chips in its iPads since the fifth generation in 2021, with the iPad Pro 5 using the M1 and the iPad Pro 6 from 2022 using the M2. Third-party providers have been taking advantage of the performance of these SoCs, with an iPadOS version of DaVinci Resolve available since December 2020. Rumors suggest Final Cut Pro could be released for iPadOS by 2024 and a version of Logic Pro is also planned for 2025. @analyst941 claims there is a new iPad Pro model in development with a display of up to 14.1 inches that can control two external 6K screens. The leaker states that Apple is planning a “full version” of Final Cut Pro for iPad with a slightly modified user interface to support touch.

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