Employee data from SAP data center leaked on eBay with SSD

SSD with employee data from SAP data center appeared on eBay

An SSD that was previously reported missing from a SAP data center in Walldorf has resurfaced on eBay. The company is now conducting an investigation into the incident. Additionally, it has been discovered that other SSDs were stolen from the Dax company.

According to sources close to the incidents, four SSDs went missing from the SAP data centers in Walldorf last November. One of these SSDs was found on eBay and was subsequently purchased by an SAP employee. The SSD was confirmed to belong to SAP and contained personal records of over a hundred SAP employees.

The investigation has revealed that no physical checks were being conducted on individuals leaving the data center, despite it being classified as a safety zone. The SSDs somehow made their way into an unsecured building at SAP headquarters and were eventually stolen from there. The whereabouts of the other three discs remain unknown.

This is reportedly the fifth incident in the past two years where hard drives from SAP’s European data centers were lost. SAP spokespersons have assured that the stolen SSDs did not contain any personally identifiable information or confidential customer data. They also emphasized that data security is taken very seriously by SAP.

Despite the security measures taken, it remains unclear how the data on the stolen SSD was accessible to third parties. Encrypted data storage on storage media has become standard practice, with options like LUKS for Linux and Bitlocker for Windows being widely used.

In conclusion, SAP is currently investigating the missing SSDs and the theft that occurred at their headquarters. While the company claims that no sensitive data was leaked, the incident highlights the need for stronger security measures and physical checks to prevent such incidents from recurring.

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